XXIIIrd World Road Congress

1908, Paris - 1910, Brussels - 1913, London - 1923, Seville - 1926, Milan - 1930, Washington - 1934, Munich - 1938, The Hague - 1951, Lisbon - 1955, Istanbul - 1959, Rio de Janeiro - 1964, Rome - 1967, Tokyo - 1971, Prague - 1975, Mexico - 1979, Vienna - 1983, Sydney - 1987, Brussels - 1991, Marrakech - 1995, Montreal - 1999, Kuala Lumpur - 2003, Durban

2007 back to Paris !

for the 23rd edition of the PIARC World Road Congresses which marks the centenary after the 1st Congress in 1908.
The theme of the Congress "The choice for sustainable development" reflects the challenge of the new millennium for road and road transport.

This congress was organized in close cooperation between the World Road Association, responsible for the content and development of the programme, and the General Directorate of Roads of the Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Planning and Development of France, in charge of the organization matters for the congress.

This DVD presents the congress proceedings. It contains:

  • information on the organization of the congress and of the exhibition,
  • the programme of the Congress, from technical programme to the programme for accompanying persons,
  • all the written documents produced for the different sessions (national reports, introductory reports, individual papers),
  • the visual aids of all the oral presentations,
  • transcription of the opening and closing ceremonies and of the ministers' session,
  • the general report and the detailed conclusions of the sessions,
  • the winning essays of the 2007 PIARC Prizes competition,
  • the PIARC Activity Report for the four years from the last World Road Congress in Durban in 2003,
  • the daily congress newspaper, the list of participants and a selection of photographs taken during this event.