Airfield Pavements

Wednesday 19 September (9:00 - 17:30)

Room: 343

The objective of this workshop was to develop a common understanding on functional requirements of airfield pavements. Attention was to be given to highlighting the difference in requirements between airfields and roads.

The workshop comprised of three sessions:

  • Session 1 - Airfield Surface Characteristics, Design and Evaluation;
  • Session 2 - Construction, Restoration and Case Studies;
  • Session 3 - Maintenance and Management Systems


Wednesday 19 September (14:00 - 17:30)

Room: 351

The objective of this workshop was to present Version 2 of the Highway Development and Management System - HDM-4 - a software system for investigating choices in investing in and management of road transport infrastructure.

This workshop was prepared with HDMGlobal, the international consortium of academic and consultancy companies that have formed a partnership for the management of HDM-4, and has been awarded by PIARC a contract of service concession with exclusive rights for distribution of the software.

The workshop consisted in presentations of:

  • the new functionalities of Version 2 and the main changes with respect to Version 1.3;
  • case studies of application of the software system to different contexts;
  • the services provided to users by the concessionaire HDMGlobal;

followed by discussion with the audience.


Impact of Emerging Vehicle, Pavement and Monitoring Technologies on Road Vehicle Interaction: where will we be in 30 years?

Thursday 20 September (14:00 - 17:30)

Room: 343

Technical Committee 4.2 Road/Vehicle interaction, organized a workshop where the different actors (vehicles, trucks and tyre manufactures, road managers, pavement designers and researchers) shared views and identified the potential impact of these evolutions on road/vehicle interaction.

The workshop examined two aspects:

  • how are vehicles changing with respect to their influence on pavement design and management and where will they be in 20 to 30 years;
  • how can pavement managers keep track of these changes and consider them in pavement design and maintenance activities.

The World Bank Global Road Safety Facility

1st Annual Consultative Meeting

Wednesday 19 September (9:00 - 12:30)

Room 351

The objective of this workshop was to raise awareness of the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility and to exchange views with participants on related global, regional and country road safety issues.

The workshop provided a brief overview of the Facility mission, goals and objectives and current and planned activities. It then invited discussion on global, regional and country issues to identify ways in which the Facility may be able to support related road safety initiatives. This helped to ensure that Facility operations are transparent, relevant and representative of regional and country interests.

The workshop was open to all World Road Congress participants. Members of the Facility Executive Board and Facility Implementation Unit were keen to hear the views and concerns of regional and country road organizations on these issues.

The following presentations and discussions took place during the workshop:

  • Overview of Facility mission, goals, objectives and activities ;
  • Donor perspectives on Facility ;
  • Participants' discussion of global, regional and country issues.


The objective of this workshop was to demonstrate the use of the PIARC dictionary on the Internet. On this occasion, the back-up support of the reference works, with more than forty collaborators was also revealed.