Individual Papers

Individual Papers were called for on selected topics in order to enrich and broaden the views and work, of the PIARC Technical Committees. Papers were reviewed by the PIARC Technical Committees.

All authors of accepted papers had the opportunity to present their paper at Poster Sessions.

Topic 1 Ex-post Evaluation of Road Transport Impacts
Topic 2 Innovative Financing for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
Topic 3 Institutional Integrity
Topic 4 Human Resource Management
Topic 5 Sustainable Development and Road Transport
Topic 6 Opening up and accessibility
Topic 7 Interurban - urban Road Network Interface
Topic 8 Congestion in Urban Areas
Topic 9 Human Powered Mobility in Urban Areas
Topic 10 Development of Rural Roads
Topic 11 Road Safety
Topic 12 Risk Management
Topic 13 Management of Road Infrastructure Assets
Topic 14 Innovation in Minimizing Impacts at Road Works
Topic 15 Management of Historical Bridges
Topic 16 Indicators representative of the Condition of the Geotechnical Structures
Topic 17 Environmental Assessment of Waste and Industrial By-products used in Road Construction
Topic 18 Freight transport and intermodality