Session Documents

Strategic Direction Sessions

TS1 Challenges for the Sustainable Development of Road Systems
TS2 Sustainable roads - part of the transport chain in a globalised world
TS3 Risk Management: New Approaches to Improving Safety
TS4 Road asset management: integrating best technical and management practices with political responsibilities

Technical Committee Sessions

C1.1 Road System Economics
C1.2 Financing Road System Investment
C1.3 Performance of Road Administrations
C1.4 Management of Network Operations
C2.1 Sustainable Development and Road Transport
C2.2 Interurban Roads and Integrated Interurban Transport
C2.3 Urban Areas and Integrated Urban Transport
C2.4 Freight Transport and Intermodality
C2.5 Rural Roads and Accessibility
C3.1 Road Safety
C3.2 Risk Management for Roads
C3.3 Road Tunnels Operation
C3.4 Winter Maintenance
C4.1 Management of Road Infrastructure Assets
C4.2 Road / Vehicle Interaction
C4.3 Road Pavements
C4.4- Road Bridges and Related Structures
C4.5 Earthworks, Drainage and Subgrade

Special Sessions

SP1 Evolution of road administrations
SP2 Governance and integrity
SP3 Responding to Human Resources Challenges in the Road Sector
SP4 Evaluation of public policies in the road sector
SP5 Financing investments in the road sector through comprehensive long-term contracts
SP6 Urban intermodality
SP7 Road safety issues and policies in developing countries
SP8 Management of congestion
SP9 Mobility for vulnerable users
SP10 Combined transport for freight
SP11 Providing for the operation of very heavy vehicles on roads
SP12 Road maintenance in developing countries: Funding and development of local private sector
SP13 Vulnerability of road systems to climate changes
SP14 Disaster mitigation: road authorities preparation and response to emergencies
SP15 Management of safety in road tunnels
SP16 New concepts, new ideas to face issues of sustainable development
SP17 Evolution of demand and supply of research and public sector support to innovation
SP18/19 Historical symposium - Road civilisations of the XXth century
SP20 Road Safety Audits and Inspections