Congress Organisers

This congress has been organized thanks to the active contribution of all the following instances and persons.

The French organizing committee (COF)


  • Hubert Peigné, General Council of Bridges and Roads


  • Yves Robichon, French National Committee of PIARC
  • Dominique Bureau, Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Planning and Development - International Affairs
  • Rémy Heitz (and Cécile Petit his successor), Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Planning and Development - Road Safety
  • Patrice Raulin (and Daniel Bursaux his successor), Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Planning and Development - Transport
  • Odile Cherel, Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Planning and Development - Communication
  • Jean-Claude Pauc, Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Planning and Development - Sétra
  • Vincent Bernardini, Government Information Service
  • René Roudaut, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Philippe Favre, Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry
  • Pierre Mutz (and Michel Gaudin his successor), Paris Prefecture of Police
  • Claudy Lebreton, Assembly of Districts of France
  • Pierre Guinot Delery, City of Paris
  • Patrick Bernasconi, National Federation of Public Works
  • Philippe Gresset (and Xavier Le Percq his successor), French congress of Road Industry Trade Unions
  • Bernard Huvelin, Building and Public Works
  • Bruno Dupety, Syndicate of French International Contractors
  • Yann Leblais, Syntec ingénierie
  • Henry Stouff, Federation of French Motorway and toll facility companies
  • Alain Tastet, Association of Directors of Departmental Technical Services
  • Christian Bosse, Association of Territorial Engineers of France
  • Roger Martin, entreprise Eurovia
  • Alain Dupont, entreprise Colas
  • Jean Guénard, entreprise Eiffage-Travaux Publics
  • Jacques Roudier, Central Laboratory of Bridges and Roads
  • Guy Bourgeois, National Institute for Transport and Transport Safety Research

PIARC strategic plan commission


  • Ginny Clarke, Highways Agency, United Kingdom


  • Colin Jordan, World Road Association, Australia
  • Jean-François Corté, World Road Association, France
  • Wolfgang Hahn, General Directorate of Roads, Germany
  • Menno Henneveld, VicRoads, Australia
  • Anne-Marie Leclerc, Infrastructures and Technologies Directorate, Canada-Quebec
  • Joseph Toole, Federal Highway Administration, United States of America
  • Jukka Hirvelä, Finnish Road Administration, Finland
  • Louis Fernique, General Directorate of Roads, France
  • Keiichi Inoue, East Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Japan
  • Gheorghe Lucaci, Search Corporation, Romania
  • Olivier Michaud, World Road Association, Switzerland

Team in charge of the project at the French General Directorate of Roads

Louis Fernique, Michel Vermot, Agnès Pignot, Antoine Averseng, Kherameth Prak, Dominique Burgunder, Yolande Daniel, Elisabeth Wattebled, Francesco Gaeta, Samira Irsane.

PIARC General Secretariat

Jean-François Corté, Franck Charmaison, Masamitsu Waga, Toussaint Agui, Pierre Castelino, Miguel Caso-Florez, Leanne Grant, Arve Kirkevold, Fredrik Friberg, Roger Apharel, Cécile Aurousseau, Véronique Anselin, Latifa El-Ayache, Céline Le Graciet, Marie Pastol, Nathalie Sabbah, Kevin Locke, Takehiko Hatsuku.

Service providers of the French General Directorate for Road

  • Europa Organisation for the organization and logistics,
  • Market Place as the events organizer,
  • Esprit Public for communication,
  • Package Organisation for the professional exhibition.

Simultaneous interpretation of the congress sessions

  • Christian Monlord bureau

Master of ceremony for the opening, closing and ministers' sessions

  • Dominique Rousset, journalist, producer at France Culture