PIARC Pavilion

The "Salle Passy" (the Passy Room), on Level 1 in the Palais des Congrès was dedicated to the World Road Association and its National Committees. The design of the room comprised of the following areas.

Welcome/PIARC General Secretariat area

General information on PIARC activities

Display and promotion of PIARC publications

HDM4 Software presentation area where the HDM Global Consortium demonstrated and answered questions on HDM4.


Four regional geographical areas: Africa, America, Asia-Oceania, Europe

The World Road Association has 111 member governments (as of August 2007), over all continents. A large proportion of the pavilion was dedicated to member countries that have formed a PIARC National Committee to coordinate and promote at the national level the activities of the World Road Association.

The activities of each National Committee were on display within four regional geographical areas. Each Committee had the opportunity to display their publications, videos, PowerPoint presentations and their website.


A space for networking opportunities

The PIARC pavilion provided networking opportunities for visitors.

Several events (presentation of activities, etc.) were organized, especially at lunch-time and in the late afternoon with National Committees and member countries.